Trst, France Štiglic


France Štiglic's political war drama about the partisan liberation of Trieste was filmed entirely in Rijeka, as the political situation at the time did not allow filming to take place in Trieste. The author of the script for the film was the writer and political worker France Bevk, who was intimately familiar with the times of the liberation of Trieste and the immediate post-war situation in this city, as in 1945, when the film's story takes place, he was the president of the Provincial National Liberation Committee for Primorska and Trieste. Nevertheless, after the great success of the film "On Our Own Land", on the other hand, the film "Trst" was far from reaching such a viewership, as only a third of the viewers in Ljubljana saw it compared to its famous predecessor.

"Trst" was initially conceived as a film that also tried to capture the battle for Trieste from an audiovisual point of view. The reality was different, as the film had the misfortune of not being relevant at the time it was recorded, as the political situation was changing very quickly. After the Paris Peace Treaty, Trieste was definitively Italian, and the agitator's motives for making Trieste Yugoslav again no longer made sense.