France Štiglic

1951 / 80' / Yugoslavia/Slovenia

France Štiglic
France Bevk
Triglav film
Lojze Potokar, Stane Sever, Alessandro Damiani...
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The story

The Second World War is slowly coming to an end, but in Trieste, under the German occupation, the Slovenian-Italian resistance is still simmering and the people are preparing for an open uprising with the help of Yugoslav partisans. The leader of the rebellion is the communist Borut, and the feistiest rebel is Karlo, who defends the annexation of Trieste to the new Yugoslavia with all his might. In the shipyard, some workers are arrested for sabotage and some of them are hanged by the Germans in the street. The Italian police officers, who now realize that the Germans will lose the war, are fleeing the city en masse. Karlo calls the workers together in the shipyard and orders them to strike. Borut, who is hiding with one of the rebels, Vida, is pursued by the police, but escapes at the last moment. Vida is not so lucky, as she is arrested and tortured in prison. Rebels distribute weapons to the workers and they clash with German soldiers in the city. Partisans finally appear in Trieste and are welcomed by the people as liberators.