We don't want white bread

Jasna Hribernik

2009 / 57' / Slovenia

Jasna Hribernik
Zdravko Duša
TV Slovenija, VPK
documentary films

The story

After the end of the Second World War, the towns along the western Slovenian border were occupied by the allied army for two years. The border zone became known as Zone A. The Americans, the English, the New Zealanders, even the Indians managed the so-called Zone A of the Morgan Line from Trieste across the Karst to Predel, before the peace conference in London in February 1947 determined the true demarcation line between Italy and Yugoslavia. The documentary talks about encounters with extravagance and democracy, about Coca-Cola and chewing gum, which together with jazz occupied the Soča Valley, about the time of great prosperity, as well as fierce demonstrations for annexation to Yugoslavia, and through the accounts of living witnesses and young historians, it recreates that time at the end of the Second World War, when girls danced swing in the evening and wrote on the walls of houses at night: THEIRS WE DON’T WANT, OURS WE DON’T GIVE!