Red Boogie

Karpo Godina

1982 / 85' / Yugoslavia/Slovenia

Karpo Godina
Igor Koršič, Branko Šömen
Viba film
Ivo Ban, Boris, Cavazza, Jožef Ropoša, Peter Mlakar, Marko Derganc, Zvonko Čoh, Zoran Predin
feature films

The story

After the war, during the socialist five-year plan, a radio station sends a group of young musicians to various locations - to the worksites of labor brigades, agricultural cooperatives, and construction sites. Their task is to boost morale among the people. While attempting to entertain crowds with their music, the young musicians find themselves in an unusual situation: they must undergo re-education to become conscious youths, as their jazz and boogie music genre is labeled as imperialistic. The group's leader is Maks, a seasoned heartbreaker whose future depends on the success of the tour. They embark on their journey in a rickety bus, and the tragicomic narrative reveals the dynamics between art, politics, and everyday life in post-war society.

The film has been digitally restored in 2024 by the Slovenian Cinematheque in collaboration with the Slovenian Film Archive and the Slovenian Film Center.